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Entirely Original. Always Engaging. Immersive Integrated Storytelling

Founded as a division of The Sabi Company in 2005, Sabi Creative has evolved

into a nexus of artists, producers, editors, directors, designers and entrepreneurs that collaborate seamlessly to bring you the best integrated marketing strategy for your company, product, brand or intellectual property.

Sabi Creative is an interdependent creative force in harmony with your goals across departments & our work flow is designed to adapt as needs of the campaign change or new technologies & social platforms become available.

From concept, development & design to on-set production, execution & delivery – Sabi Creative handles campaigns for multi-million dollar Studios, Companies, Franchises and IP’s as well as Non-profits with the utmost care and creativity.

Sabi is a proven, professional, reliable company that executes your needs for immersive, provocative and original worldwide marketing campaigns. We expand & elevate your Brand, Story and IP and engage your audiences across all demographics, devices and platforms.


  • THE MARTIAN – Ridley Scott (Dir.)
    Producing Original Content, Theatrical Featurettes, Home Entertainment
  • MORGAN – Luke Scott (Dir.)
    Producing EPK
  • JURASSIC WORLD – Colin Trevorrow (Dir.)
    Editing, Toy Fair Sizzle Promo
  • DEAR WHITE PEOPLE – Justin Simien (Dir.)
    Editing, Theatrical Featurettes, Home Entertainment
  • SABOTAGE – David Ayer (Dir.)
    Editing, Theatrical Featurettes
  • 2 GUNS – Baltasar Kormákur (Dir.)
    Editing, Theatrical Featurettes, Home Entertainment
  • RUNNER RUNNER – Brad Furman (Dir.)
    Editing, Theatrical Featurettes
  • SIDE EFFECTS – Steven Soderbergh (Dir.)
    Editing, Theatrical Featurettes
  • THE CONJURING – James Wan (Dir.)
    Producing, Field Producing, Concepts, Featurettes
  • THE HOST – Andrew Niccol (Dir.)
    Editing, Theatrical Featurettes
  • END OF WATCH – David Ayer (Dir.)
    Editing, Theatrical Featurettes
  • X-MEN : DAYS OF FUTURE PAST – Bryan Singer (Dir.)
    Concepts, Writing, Producer Pitches
  • SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN – Rupert Sanders (Dir.)
    Editing, Theatrical Featurettes, HBO First Look
  • THE GREY – Joe Carnahan (Dir.)
    Editing, Theatrical Featurettes
  • THE TWILIGHT SAGA BOX SET – Various (Dir.)
    Executive Producing, Producing, Writing, Editing, Field Producing Documentary
    In Memoriam
  • TRANSFORMERS – Micheal Bay (Dir.)
    Paramount Pictures – High Definition – DVD
    Editor, Producer
  • PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 3: AT WORLD’S END – Gore Verbinski (Dir.)
    Disney – High Definition – BLU-RAY / SD DVD / INTERACTIVE MENU
    Writer & Producer – Blu-Ray & Standard Def, DVD,
    Field Producer, Concept Producer 
  • MILK – Gus Van Sant (Dir.)
    EPK – Field Producer
  • UNFINISHED BUSINESS – Ken Scott (Dir.)
    Concepts, Writing, Producer Pitches
    Disney – High Definition – BLU-RAY DVD / INTERACTIVE GAMING
    Editor & Producer, Blu-Ray
    Interactive Game Producer: Lair’s Dice,
    Concept Producer, Field Producer
  • EARTH – of BBC’s The Planet Earth series : Alistair Fothergill (Dir.)
    Disney – High Definition – Blu-Ray & BD-Live
    Editor, Producer, Producer Interactive Menu, Field Producer
    Supervising Producer: Kimberly Panunzio
  • PERCY JACKSON 2 – Thor Fruedenthal (Dir.)
    EPK Producer, Field Producing
  • A HAUNTED HOUSE – Michale Tiddes (Dir.)
    Editing, Theatrical Featurettes
  • PING PONG SUMMER – Michael Tully (Dir.)
    Producing, Editing, Theatrical Featurettes
  • HIT THE FLOOR (VH1 TV SHOW)- James LaRosa (Dir.)
    Producing Transmedia, Story Content, Managing Transmedia Platform called Storyfarm
  • PANDEMIC 1.0 – Lance Weiler (Dir.)
    Ted Hope & Zeke Zelker – Producers
    Producer, Writer, Director
    Cinematography & Editing
    Viral Scares & Short Vignettes
  • THE LAST AIRBENDER – M. Night Shyamalan (Dir.)
    Paramount – High Definition – DVD, EPK, Blu-Ray
    Producer, Executive Producer
    Producer of Interactive Facebook Game “Become the Avatar”
  • STRETCH – Joe Carnahan (Dir.)
    Editor, Theatrical Featurettes, Blu-Ray
  • ENOUGH SAID – Nicole Holofcener (Dir.)
    Editor, Theatrical Featurettes, HBO First Look
  • THE HANGOVER PART III – Todd Phillips (Dir.)
    Editor, Theatrical Featurettes, International Special
  • LADY IN THE WATER – M. Night Shyamalan (Dir.)
    Warner Bros – High Definition – EPK / DVD / TV
    HBO specials
    Producer, Writer, Editor
  • SMOKIN’ ACES – Joe Carnahan (Dir.)
    Universal Pictures – EPK / DVD
    Producer, Cinematographer
  • THE MATADOR (Television Show) – Robert Rodriguez (Dir.)
    HD Cinematographer, Producer
  • MAX – Boaz Yakin (Dir.)
    Field Producer, Producer Featurette
  • WEDDING CRASHERS – David Dobkin (Dir.) 
    New Line Cinema – EPK / DVD / TV
    HBO Specials 
    “The Rules” on DVD 
    Producer, Writer
  • LOST: SEASON 3 – Damon Lindelof, Carleton Cuse (Exec. Prds.)
    Disney – DVD
    Editor, Writer, HD Cinematographer
  • DIRTY DANCING – Kenny Ortega (Dir.)
    HD Cinematographer
  • GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK – George Clooney (Dir.) 
    Warner Bros Independent – High Definition EPK/DVD 
    Producer, Cinematographer
  • A GOOD YEAR – Ridley Scott (Dir.) 
    20th Century Fox – High Definition – EPK 
    Producer, Writer 
  • THE GOOD SHEPHERD – Robert DeNiro (Dir.) 
    Universal Pictures – High Definition – EPK / DVD 
    Producer, Cinematographer, Field Producer
  • DOLLHOUSE – Joss Whedon (creator)
    Fox – DVD, Blu-ray
  • STAY – Marc Forester (Dir.) 
    20th Century Fox / New Regency – DVD 
    Departing Visions – An Original Documentary 
    Producer, Writer, Director, Editor, Cinematography
  • THE HAPPENING – M. Night ShyamaSlan (Dir.)
    Fox – High Definition – DVD, EPK, Blu-Ray
    Producer, Executive Producer
  • THE OMEN – John Moore (Dir.) 
    20th Century Fox – High Definition – EPK/DVD 
  • WHITE NOISE – Geoffrey Sax (Dir.) 
    Universal Pictures – DVD 
    “Hearing is Believing” – An Original Documentary 
    Producer, Writer, Editor, Cinematographer 
  • THE ANT BULLY – John Davis (Dir.) 
    Warner Bros – EPK/DVD 
    Producer, Field Producer 
  • BROTHERS AND SISTERS – Ken Olin (Dir.) 
    Disney – ABC T.V. – DVD/EPK 
    Producer, Cinematographer 
  • NOT EASILY BROKEN – Bill Duke (Dir.)
    Sony Pictures – DVD, Blu-ray
    Sony – High Definition – Home Video Trailer
    Produced by Adam Hauck at Framework DVD
  • TRISTAN AND ISOLDE – Kevin Reynolds (Dir.)
    20th Century Fox – High Definition – EPK/DVD & TV Spots
  • MEET DAVE – Eddie Murphy
    20th Century Fox – High Definition – EPK/DVD
    Producer, Director EPK, special content
    Warner Bros – High Definition – Home Video TV Spots
    Produced by Craig Philips at SunnyBoy Entertainment
  • KNOCKED UP – Judd Apatow (Dir.) 
    Universal Pictures – HD-DVD Picture in Picture, Cinemax Special 
    Editor, Writer 
  • OUR MAN FLINT – Daniel Mann (Dir.) 
    20th Century Fox – DVD 
    Editor, Writer, Online Editor 
    Produced by Adam Hauck at Framework DVD
  • IN LIKE FLINT – Gregory Douglas (Dir.) 
    20th Century Fox – DVD 
    Editor, Writer, Online Editor 
    Produced by Adam Hauck at Framework DVD
  • THE COMEBACKS – Tom Brady (Dir.) 
    20th Century Fox – DVD 
    Editor, Writer 
    Produced by Adam Hauck at Framework DVD
  • NANCY DREW – Andrew Fleming (Dir.) 
    Warner Bros – High Definition DVD 
    ShoWest – Female Star of Tomorrow 
  • THE LONGEST DAY – Ken Annakin (Dir.) 
    20th Century Fox – DVD 
    Editor, Online Editor, Sound Mix 
    Produced by Adam Hauck at Framework DVD
  • A LONELY PLACE FOR DYING – Dir. Justin Evans
    Humble Magi
    Theatrical Motion Picture Trailer Editor
    Disney – DVD
  • TWO FOR THE MONEY – DJ Caruso (Dir.) 
    Morgan Creek – DVD 
    Producer, Writer, Editor
    Sony Pictures – Sizzle Reel 
    Editor, Writer


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Sabi Creative Logo


  • Digital Media Unit

  • Producing, Directing, Writing, Digital Cinematography & Editing Services.

  • Full-Service Post Production & HD, 2K & 4K Delivery to spec.

  • High quality Original Shorts, Documentaries and Special Concepts.

  • Behind-the-Scenes original docs for games, films, apps & companies.

  • Studio & Independent Motion Picture Theatrical and Home Entertainment Marketing.

  • Social Media Games: Content, Design & Architecture.

  • Branded Entertainment: Company videos, Virals, Webseries & Commercials to Engage your Audience.

  • Facebook, YouTube & Twitter videos for customer & fan sharing and interaction.

  • Custom Services Available Depending on your Needs and Available Technologies.

  • Execution of Original & Creative Content to Expand Your Brand, IP, Message or Vision.


  • Integrated Marketing concepts in collaboration with the Creatives & Clients.

  • Original Features, Docs, Shorts, Concepts and Behind-the-Scenes.

  • Branded Teasers, Virals & Series for social platforms & the web.

  • Corporate / Company videos conveying your mission and brand.

  • Story-world Games: Immersive design & UX.

  • Facebook and Social Media Games within the IP.

  • An Interactive Story-world Bible & Expanded Universe Reference Guide.

  • App-based innovative creative content around an IP.

  • On-Set ‘Making-Of’ VAM for Blu-Ray for Motion Picture Studios.

  • Original and provocative content across platforms and devices that complement your brand, franchise, IP and story.

  • Sabi Creative Content is a MPAA compliant facility and has handled A+ studio titles with the utmost care and security.

The Digital Media Unit

Sabi Creative’s interdependent network of producers, artists, editors & directors can function on your project as a Digital Media Unit integrating several active approaches to expand the story, and evolve your integrated marketing campaign through consultation AND execution.

  • Immersive and integrated cross-media content strategies and execution for your brand, film, franchise, or intellectual property.
  • An expanded world & an evolving content-creation ‘architecture’ across platforms and devices for your specific campaign: social, TV, web, print, gaming, graphics & mobile. Changes based on consumer/fan reaction & an engaged approach to audience building.
  • Coordinated release of “on-set” behind-the-scenes documentaries, short films, web videos, vignettes & interactive games with an integrated social media marketing strategy and real-world engagement for audience development.

Sabi Creative is a high quality cross-media content and Digital Media Unit service provider for a range of ideas concept to completion – and we offer effective tools that will redefine and bolster your efforts while measuring the progress of your campaigns in the form of consumer and audience engagement.

The Sabi Company is regularly engaged with start-ups, new companies, and established corporations seeking an integrated approach to their marketing or branding campaigns.

All companies have a defined budget for the production and dissemination of marketing content and advertising materials. During start-up in particular, every dollar must stretch to include real audience engagement and brand interaction. Audience building is not only imperative during this phase, but but critical to every company’s immediate growth.

Sabi Creative offers a solution to the marketing problem that many new companies in various sectors face, particularly when traditional marketing tactics no longer resonate. At Sabi Creative, we produce original, high-quality, sharable content which organically broadcasts your brand and message through audience engagement across a variety of platforms and devices.

At any given time during the lifecycle of a project, there are a variety of approaches one can take to maximize ROI in the form of audience participation. Sabi Creative will propose the content and courses of action best suited for your budget and goals with the intention of growing your audience and capitalizing on the new interest generated in your property or brand.

If you are interested in a Branded Content proposal PLEASE EMAIL US with a few details about your company, mission, and your goals for branded content. We will reply within 24 hours.

We believe in a unique and effective campaign that engages audiences through a comprehensive strategy that vastly expands the value of our client’s endeavor across a variety of platforms and devices; be it a brand, film, franchise, company, or non-profit.

In an increasingly interconnected market, story and character-driven content should complement the user experience and offer audiences a rich and immersive world in which to keep exploring your IP and engage with your brand.

Our process works by identifying how to expand the project’s scope and exactly what means are appropriate for disseminating a variety of content created around your property (ranging from special concepts, interactive games, documentaries, sizzles, animations & animated series, behind the scenes, graphic novels, webisodes, EPK directives, director’s journals, television specials, events and more).

The content we create not only further extends the lifecycle of the product or brand, but can offer multiple points of entry for audiences that are engaged and are willing to share.

“We believe in innovating upon traditional storytelling to leverage the success of films, worlds, brands, products, intellectual properties and companies beyond the current marketing strategies and technologies used.”

Our producers have worked on some of the largest motion picture marketing campaigns in history. Bringing Sabi on to serve as your content producers can help increase the scope and value of the film and provide consistency across all endeavors related to the project. This bolsters brand integrity, and the content we create positions the property to take full advantage of new markets, products, social media and emerging technologies.

If you are interested in a proposal for a campaign strategy PLEASE EMAIL US with a few details about your project.

Sabi Creative Logo

Sabi is a company of Creatives.

  • We are an equal opportunity employer with an expanding network of talented artists, trained professionals and marketing entrepreneurs.

    Sabi Creative is a natural home to producers, directors, writers, editors, cinematographers, graphic artists, musicians, game designers and tech savants. Our team works interdependently in a collaborative harmony where immersive ideas for passion projects and multi-platform integrated marketing campaigns can be conceptualized, realized and delivered.

  • At Sabi Creative, we are always looking for like-minded talent to join our team. If you are a company seeking to collaborate, or an individual that gets what we are trying to do and have something to offer – please reach out to us VIA EMAIL .

If you would like to request a proposal from Sabi Creative

Please EMAIL US with some details about your project.


Presented here are the Theatrical Featurettes edited by partners of The Sabi Company for Trailer Park.

Presented here is branded animated content produced by Sabi Creative for GlobeOne.

Presented here are the Theatrical Featurettes edited by partners of The Sabi Company for The Cimarron Group.

Presented here is branded animated content produced by Sabi Creative for GlobeOne.

Presented here is a preview of the fan doc on the Twilight box set produced by Sabi Creative for Cimarron Group and Lionsgate.

The Sabi Company provided scripted content and gaming development for the BECOME THE AVATAR game, connecting fans on Facebook.

The Sabi Company produced, shot, edited and delivered over 2 hours of behind the scenes content for the home entertainment releases on Blu-ray and DVD.

Presented here is a preview video from the live Tour on which Sabi collaborated with Sunnyboy Entertainment for the interactive backdrops.

Presented here is a featurette created for Gravitas Ventures for the iTunes release of the film.

These are several short vignettes produced by The Sabi Company’s “Transmedia Unit” as part of the PANDEMIC 1.0 experience that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival’s commissioned New Frontier exhibit.

Each vignette set within the story-world of Lance Weiler’s PANDEMIC 1.0 experience, and incorporates real-world elements, props, locations and characters. Illustrated below, are key moments from a story disseminated through several Twitter accounts of fictionalized festival attendees that have been confronted with a “sleep virus” — that has taken hold of Park City…

Rides at Fourth Wall Studios

Produced immersive interactive media for Fourth Wall Studios.



Presented here are the Theatrical Featurettes edited by partners of The Sabi Company for Trailer Park.

These are a select few of the “viral scare videos” produced for the web and social media by the Transmedia Unit of The Sabi Company (as part of a larger Transmedia Event that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival for PANDEMIC 1.0.)

These videos were “requested” via social media platforms and once released, served to perpetuate the idea that hooded pranksters were going out and terrifying festival attendees at the request of their friends. The Sabi Company wrote, directed, produced and delivered the following scares during the Festival, set within the story-world of the experience.


Non Profit Branded Marketing Content

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Transmedia: New Words for Old Methods

Transmedia. Thankfully the buzz around the buzz-word has subsided, and people are getting serious about rethinking the content they capture …

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Pandemic 1.0 featured on The Huffington Post

This video was produced by Noah Nelson and Kai Hsing of Turnstyle News and published on The Huffington Post. It …

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The Future of Transmedia Storytelling

Below are some thoughts inspired by what I was hearing at the WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE symposium hosted …

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Lance Weiler and Henry Jenkins: A Conversation

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