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White Knuckles and Heart of Now :: All Rights Update

The Sabi Company‘s arthouse classics White Knuckles (written & directed by Kevin K. Shah) and Heart of Now (written & directed by Zak Forsman) are finally coming home.

Artis Entertainment negotiated a shorter term for an All Rights deal for both films and the term has recently expired. Though the Sabi Company has produced many films since White Knuckles and Heart of Now, this pair of feature films set within the same story-world with overlapping characters remains available at Artis Entertainment. White Knuckles stars Larry Strauss and Martie Ashworth and Heart of Now stars Marion Kerr and Kelly McCracken, and the films were distributed on DVD, Amazon, Netflix and a variety of digital outlets.

The two films continue to represent the provocative arthouse beginnings of a constantly evolving creative feature film company. It’s nice to have them back. Watch White Knuckles and Heart of Now – two films by Sabi at Artis Entertainment.

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