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Sabi Company gets Worldwide Distro with Paramount Pictures

(Los Angeles) – Paramount Pictures International recently picked up The Sabi Company’s crime-thriller Down and Dangerous for global distribution through a deal brokered by VOD distribution powerhouse Gravitas Ventures and Artis Entertainment. Directed by Zak Forsman and starring John T. Woods, Paulie Rojas, Ross Marquand & Judd Nelson – this crime-thriller about a smuggler steadily widened its reach after its initial release in Theaters and Domestic VOD in February of 2014. The deal, brokered by the team at VOD powerhouse Gravitas Ventures places Down and Dangerous on a variety of VOD platforms in multiple languages and in scores of territories around the world.

“The Sabi Company is grateful to Gravitas for believing in our work, and to Paramount Pictures International for taking our film to 100+ countries.”

The Sabi Company's Down and Dangerous was recently distributed worldwide by Paramount Pictures International

The Sabi Company’s Down and Dangerous was recently distributed worldwide by Paramount Pictures International

In May and June, Down and Dangerous debuted in the following territories worldwide:

United Kingdom: May 15, Ireland: May 15, Italy: May 18, Russia: May 18, Germany: May 22, France: May 20, Australia: June 3, New Zealand: June 3.

The film was released to the Rest of the World on May 18th.

Sabi Down and Dangerous Germany

Additional note from the Producer:

When we set out to create films at The Sabi Company, the hope above all for the work to speak for itself once it gets in front of eyes. We keep hustling even after the film is mixed, colored and exported with the goal that our labors of love can get seen by the widest audiences imaginable. We started small on this but the limited theatrical tour which Artis Entertainment boot-strapped for us ultimately helped with credibility once put in front of decision makers (given the glut of other suitable films they consider each day without a theatrical/VOD release). Day and dating VOD with Gravitas Ventures also put our film right next to multi-million dollar studio projects. We are grateful a major motion picture studio has joined the effort for our independent film and will get it to new audiences in countries we’ve wish to visit someday. This is truly a victory for the faith of our 380+ backers to the Kickstarter campaign, our Sabi fans, and the trust of the cast and crew of Down and Dangerous. Sabi thanks you for your tireless contributions, and especially editor Jamie Cobb, writer/director Zak Forsman, composer Deklun, and star John T. Woods. The accolade of having your work go world-wide is humbling but well-deserved, and indicates greater achievements ahead for The Sabi Company.

Kevin K. Shah

An advertisement for The Sabi Company’s Down and Dangerous alongside other major motion pictures in Middle East and North Africa:

The Sabi Company's Down and Dangerous alongside Major Motion Pictures.

The Sabi Company’s Down and Dangerous alongside Major Motion Pictures.

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