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Jamie Cobb appointed VP of Sabi Company

Jamie Cobb Editor(August 27th – Los Angeles) Jamie Cobb has been promoted to Vice President of The Sabi Company early this morning, in recognition of her creative contributions to the company. Jamie’s discipline and dedication in the editorial of our feature films, shorts, documentaries, and creative content over the past 10 years, have shaped both the Sabi brand and our voice as an original content company.

“As Vice President, Jamie Cobb will bring her creative leadership and guidance across all divisions, and will oversee creative during development, production and post for all future Sabi Company projects.”

Jamie Cobb’s first work for the Sabi Company was on set of White Knuckles nearly a decade ago with a behind the scenes documentary she both shot and edited called ‘Knuckleheads’ about the making of the film (and a rare glimpse into the early days on set of Sabi productions). Jamie enjoyed being on Sabi’s first set, and contributed to the creative and collaborative atmosphere people have come to appreciate. While working on that film, Jamie felt like she was reminded of the reasons why she came out the Hollywood. She never stopped being a critical collaborator afterwards, and all of us at Sabi have benefited because of it.

For Heart of Now Jamie was brought on early as the feature’s Editor. With sabi’s second film, Jamie truly honed her craft – as it was a unique project. Heart of Now is a scripted film that incorporated dramatic improvisation with nearly every scene. There were dozens of hours of multiple takes with various viable options, and the editorial process was one that required a deep exploration of the footage to achieve the best vision of the film. A vision that the director intended – but also a story shaped entirely by surprises and transcendent moments that could only be crafted by the hands of a caring and smart editor.

After Heart of Now achieved critical success her feature follow up at Sabi was Down and Dangerous, which enjoyed a theatrical tour, garnered an award for Best Editor, played at multiple festivals, and has been distributed worldwide through a major studio. The film is action packed, with multiple characters and locations – and the editorial style is refined and studio-quality. Her seamless transition from editing a contemporary artistic drama to a crime thriller also included (in-between) a little award-winning sci-fi horror short called Lucid the process of which which Jamie details in an article called “Earning Violence”.

In between all of this, Jamie tackled editorial projects for Sabi Creative, both as a lead producer/editor on several studio campaigns and as post-production supervisor on all Paramount Pictures projects. Jamie edited BTS docs for major motion picture titles for Fox Home Entertainment, Paramount Pictures and Lionsgate while at the Sabi Company. Her 45 minute fan documentary for The Twilight Saga entailed working with dozens of terabytes of footage captured from BTS of 5 films (and raw footage of the fandom surrounding the franchise throughout the years). More recently, Jamie has contributed editorial expertise to non-profit branded content endeavors, and continues to be the creative lead with all things Post Production at Sabi Creative.

Jamie Sabi Mixer Jamie Cobb has executed a variety of additional roles on on all of our in-house productions at Sabi, including as a seasoned sound mixer (Sahara Drifters), associate producer, and co-producer on several of our feature films. There are also additional noteworthy features and award-winning shorts Jamie has edited outside The Sabi Company that are not mentioned here – as Jamie’s creative and professional accomplishments extend far beyond Sabi. Jamie also maintains a Editor’s Blog with intelligent discussions and observations about the process of editing movies (which can be found at

Many congratulations to Jamie Cobb from the Sabi family for this well-deserved promotion.