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LUCID Screening Sold Out at Phoenix Film Fest

The Sabi Company was excited to once more return to the Phoenix festival with ‘a film by sabi’. This time it was Lucid, starring Marion Kerr and Ross Marquand – and the festival (along with DeadCenter Film Festival in Oklahoma) closed out Lucid’s festival season.

The Phoenix Film Festival is the same festival where we debuted Down and Dangerous to multiple sold out screenings and we were excited to see what kinds of crowds might turn up for our short (along with several other fantastic films in our Shorts Block). We are amazed and humbled to have sold out our Lucid Shorts Block A screening to a receptive and enthusiastic audience.

Sabi at Phoenix Film Festival
Lucid is directed by Kevin K. Shah and Kevin and Marion co-wrote the script from an idea Marion brought to Sabi.

A note about the festival: The audiences at the Phoenix Film Festival are intelligent, enthusiastic and always abundant — and The Sabi Company has found Phoenix Film Festival to be one of the best (if not THE best) regional festival in the country.PFF

The staff’s hospitality is consistently above-and-beyond, and the screening venue is top-rated (the fest occupies multiple screens at the Harkins Theaters in North Scottsdale).

For many reasons (including the tireless volunteers that we’ve become fast friends with) PFF has become our company’s annual go-to festival for great films and audiences alike. All of us at Sabi are looking forward to submitting films to this festival in the future (Dead Bullet) and supporting other filmmakers work on a annual basis.

Notable highlights at the festival: Editor Jamie Cobb was also part of an editors panel and co-writer and star Marion Kerr took part in an actor panel where all were invited to discuss their experiences (including their fantastic work on director Brian Crewe’s Une Liberacion, also a highlight of the festival).