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LUCID (2015) a film by SABI

LUCID is a new sci-fi horror film directed by Kevin K. Shah, and ‘Master of Horror’ John Carpenter calls it “Stylized and Well-Acted”

Lucid (2014) Directed by Kevin K. Shah

Lucid (2014) Directed by Kevin K. Shah

Karen’s nightmares pick up exactly where they left off every single night and it’s affecting her new marriage to Sam. She wants to finally get control her dreams… but she’s not the one creating them.


Lucid (2014) stars Marion Kerr and Ross Marquand and will debut at TCL Chinese Theaters in Hollywood at the Hollyshorts Film Festival on Friday August 15 at Midnight (Tickets). Marion Kerr co-wrote the script with Kevin K. Shah based upon an idea she brought to Sabi. Over the course of a few years Lucid morphed into what it is today: a ‘proof-of-concept’ for a Television Series created by Kevin Shah and currently in development at Sabi and Sunnyboy Entertainment as a co-production. The television series is akin to Twilight Zone in the Future with ‘Experimentation’ and will feature several guest directors including Shah, Kerr, Zak Forsman, Erik Reese, Harold Hayes and Craig Phillips.

“…the film is stellar. The acting is strong, the visuals accomplished and alluring and… the edit is incredible. The narrative keeps you intrigued and keeps you guessing…”


Lucid is edited by Jamie Cobb, Cinematography by Addison Brock III, Associate Produced by Erik Reese, and the Music is composed by Antonin Dvorak. The film co-stars Christina Rose, with unit direction by Gary King. Produced by Kevin K. Shah and Executive Produced by Kevin K. Shah and Zak Forsman. View full credits and teaser below:

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The film will also play in September at the Los Angeles Fear and Fantasy Film Festival as well as in October at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival (named one of the “Coolest Festivals in the World” by Moviemaker Magazine).

In the coming weeks, there will be more information posted on The Sabi Company site about how Lucid was made, as well as the larger story-world in which this film takes place and our plans to expand this proof of concept into a TV series.

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