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Partnering with Gravitas Ventures

Learned today that, internally, Gravitas Ventures uses The Sabi Company as an example of how to plan and execute a DIY day and date theatrical/VOD release. In a week, I get a list of every cable operator and internet platform that Down and Dangerous will be released on in February 2014.

Gravitas has been a fantastic partner — prompt, communicative, and organized. They operate with enthusiasm and seek solutions in the movie’s strengths rather than pointing at problems like “there’s no names in your cast!”. And this is very important to me. Any idiot can point at a problem. But the people who take it a step further and offer solutions are the ones we want to keep working with. Together, we molded the pitch given to cable operators across the US and by all accounts Gravitas did a fantastic job presenting our movie — the top four (and most selective) video-on-demand companies will be making Down and Dangerous available to more than 35 million cable subscribers next month.

We need more companies like Gravitas who hire smart, motivated people to help with release platforms beyond VOD. Where are the trailblazers in theatrical, international sales, and DVD/Bluray?