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Down and Dangerous in Chicago: Landmark’s Century Centre Cinema

Down and Dangerous will be playing in the city of Chicago on Tuesday, February 18th at 7:30pm. Tickets are AVAILABLE NOW THROUGH THIS LINK:

All of us at Sabi Company are very excited about the Chicago release in particular, because in the audience we will have some of our generous Kickstarter Backers present AND the film’s star John T. Woods who will also be there (hiding, shyly).

Sabi is grateful to Landmark Theaters for working with Artis Entertainment to bring our Chicago fans a theatrical experience of our film. Landmark Theaters has also been instrumental in securing a Houston screening of our film on Wed. Feb. 16 at 7:30pm. According to their site, Landmark’s Century Centre Cinema is a state-of-the-art facility with unique architectural features. It’s also the first all-stadium seating that showcases independent and foreign films. The cinema is tucked into three levels of the Century Shopping Centre, in Chicago’s bustling near-north side.

Down and Dangerous Chicago

Century Centure :: “Best Movie Theatre” (2009) :: Chicago Free Press

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