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PhoenixFF 2013 B

Official Selection of the Phoenix Film Festival


We’re very proud and honored to have been selected by the Phoenix Film Festival to play in competition at their upcoming 2013 event. Last night, our inclusion in their program was “leaked” via Facebook and Twitter by Jason Carney (Festival Director) and Greg Hall (Program Director).

Last year, the festival drew an audience of over 23,000 people and is widely respected as one of the top festivals in the country. Now in its thirteenth year, it has been renowned as a favorite destination for audiences and filmmakers alike. In fact, MovieMaker Magazine named it one of The 25 Coolest Film Festivals and it is often cited as the most filmmaker-friendly festival out there. This has been exemplified by the festival’s Director of Filmmaker Relations, Kathleen Deiley. She’s been wonderfully attentive, answering our questions and making sure we know everything we need to know going in. I wish that weren’t a unusual, but it truly is and puts Phoenix up there with our best experiences. It’s a relief to correspond with a festival representative that is so helpful and enthusiastic.


Since getting the call, I have to admit to some degree of festival cyberstalking. I’ve spent more time than I care to admit reading blogs by filmmakers who attended last year. For example, Paul Osborne reported his experience for Film Threat, while Gary King documented his days there with ‘How Do You Write A Joe Schermann Song’.

And then there are the videos… so many that I almost feel like I was there last year.

Anyway, with a little less than two months between today and the World Premiere of Down and Dangerous, the team here is very excited to move out of post-production and into the final phase of making this movie: that being the chance to share it with the people who made it possible and introducing it to new audiences.

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