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Down and Dangerous in Filmmaker Magazine

Forsman on Designing the Movie Poster for Down and Dangerous

Filmmaker Magazine

featured an in-depth DIY article today from director Zak Forsman, who also happened to design the movie poster for Down and Dangerous – a crime thriller by sabi. Down and Dangerous recently raised a large portion of its production budget through crowd-funding on Kickstarter, and stars John T. Woods, Paulie Rojas, Ross Marquand and Judd Nelson. It has completed editorial with Jamie Cobb and is currently undergoing finishing in VFX, color and sound. Today also marks the public release of the official movie poster for the film.

In the informative article Zak Forsman breaks down his creative process: from staging a key art shoot with the John T. Woods at the Nitschke+Reese photo studio — to specific digital techniques used in post. If need some tips or inspiration for your own work of art, check out the entire article at or follow this link:

How to Make Your Own Movie Poster →

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