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I received a series of rough sketches from cartoonist Chuck McBuck over the weekend. They are for the upcoming prequel comic series, THE VERY HEART OF NOW.

The story takes place over a decade before our film where we see the history shared by our two main characters, Amber and Gabe. Chuck McBuck is a cartoonist and a 2008 graduate of The Center for Cartoon Studies. He publishes the comic book, SNAKE OIL twice yearly and is hard at work on his first drawn-novella, Gerry and Olga. He has won several Ignatz Awards for his efforts.

comicthumbs2Currently we are discussing the use of color in the film and how that may translate to the comic. I’ve given Chuck my notes on the characters’ backstory and free reign to flesh out that story in his own unique way. I look forward to sharing this with fans of the film as a way to expand the story and engage on a totally different level.

The website address will be announced as soon as finished panels start coming in.

  1. Clayton11-04-2009

    Brillant. Looking forward to seeing it come together Zak.

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