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Editor’s Journal – July 12, 2009

cobb-menuIt was a fun and exciting past week at Sabi. A lot of old, friendly faces came through the studio, as well as one new one, Deklun. It was great to finally meet face to face after all of this time. What I really enjoyed was finding out that there are many parallels and similarities between his music process and my editing process. Thanks for coming and sharing your expertise with us Deklun!

img0431kDeklun has only seen the trailer for Heart of Now and he was interested to see how his music was being used in the cut. So I cued up a scene that uses his score and we watched it down. After I hit stop we sat in silence. Then there was more silence, so I turned to read the reaction on his face. I began to panic, horrible thoughts began to fill my head. “He hates it, he’s going to pull his music from the project, the mix was bad and he thinks that’s how it will sound, why on earth did we show this to him?” After a lot more silence and many panicked looks back to Zak, Deklun finally broke the silence. One word came from his mouth, it was “Harmony”. All of my fear and panic turned to joy. He just needed to take a moment to process what he had seen and he loved it. What a great word to describe Zak’s images cut to his music, “Harmony”.

As far as editing goes, a chunk of time has opened up for me and I am going to use this time to finally finish Heart of Now. Its not a lot of time, but I believe that it is possible. Just a few more scene tweaks and I think I’ll finally be ready for people to see this thing. Fingers crossed.

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