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In an effort to begin the chain of events that guide White Knuckles along its path to audiences, Sabi Pictures will be passing out a small number of White Knuckles ‘DVD preview copies’ to members of the entertainment community, heads of organizations, bloggers, reviewers, and ‘film as art’ audiences.Word of mouth’ begins with having watched and liked the film, and so these 200 copies are for fans to “watch and pass on to someone that may appreciate it.” Later this year, we intend to debut the film nationwide.

Each DVD is marked with a corresponding number, and we hope that fans are guided back to the site to learn more about the process of making the film, and the artists that created it.

They are offered for free with the stipulation that the film is not duplicated or downloaded – but passed on at no charge to others that may appreciate this film. If you have seen White Knuckles and know someone that may appreciate it – please send us appropriate contact information at

And thank you to all our fans for helping us to spread the word about Larry Strauss and Martie Ashworth’s incredible performance as William and Julie in White Knuckles.


Kevin K. Shah


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  2. jeff woodward06-12-2009

    can a brother get a screener : )

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