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Giving Good Sound

I think Zach is giving me way too much credit – I did nothing more than pull the effects that N. Itrik would have done if he had more time. Zach is the real genius behind the sound of White Knuckles – and when it was all said and done we agreed this is the best sound experiment we’ve been a part of.

The difference between Zach and virtually everyone else I know – is that Zach is a consummate professional. From the minute you walk into Snap sound, right up until delivery – Zach was gracious, intelligent, thoughtful, tireless and most of all – extremely creative.

We were both astonished last night watching each reel back to back for the first time. And most importantly, the film resonates, the dialogue is clean as a whistle, and the tones, ambiances and silence burn themselves into our psyche.

They say audio is 70% of sound. I would argue that’s just an average. There are some scenes that are 100% sound. White Knuckles has many of these beats, thanks to the artistry of Seivers, to whom I’m forever indebted and forever grateful.

Thank you Zach, from all of us at Sabi on being the Sound Designer for White Knuckles, and for being a friend.

The next step is to play it in a variety of theaters. There’s a private preview screening coming up soon, and then the cast and crew screening. The cast and crew screening will ideally be 5.1.

After this process, we may have another listen with the picture/mix –
but if anything it will be small adjustments, small additions of effects –

really, two perfectionists continuing to polish a wonderful little film
when time allows…

More soon –


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