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okay, it’s monday. midnight and change. so i’m going to spill the beans on the distribution deal I have.

it comes down to this. I submitted IFHY to ‘From Here To Awesome’. this is a discovery and distribution project run by Lance Weiler (Head Trauma, The Workbook Project) designed around a “pull” distribution model. meaning, instead of a distributor deciding what films to make available to the audience, the audience decides what they want to see distributed.

and the audience selected IFHY.

so now I find myself in a wonderful situation. I have a film that cost practically nothing to make. i spent about $2000 to promote and send it to festivals. I have a deal in place with Heretic Films and IndieFlix who are acting as sales agents on my behalf. they have made deals with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Amazon Unbox, Joost, cable companies for VOD and many others that aren’t coming to mind right now. I receive 90% of revenue generated from sales, rentals and advertising played in front of my short online. there will also be theatrical distribution in the very near future as a block of “From Here To Awesome Showcase Shorts”.

and best of all, I retain the rights to IFHY. this deal is non-exclusive so I can keep sending it to fests, selling my own “Special Edition” DVD and HD digital downloads, and using this exposure to elevate those sales and the “brand” of Sabi Pictures.

and that’s it. it’s hitting the trades tomorrow. I’m proud and fortunate to be on the cutting edge of the evolving distribution models being defined minute by minute. some google alerts have already come in to show that Variety has something on it. good things ahead

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