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Editor’s Journal – July 5, 2008

cobb-menuSo when I last left the edit bay it was back in the beginning of June right before we left for the South Side film festival. I gotta say I left the cut rather unpleasantly. For that week leading up to South Side I was working on the scene where Gabe takes Amber to the ocean to location scout. It was a week that Zak didn’t have eight other projects going on, so he was kind of all up in my editing business and really pushing me. We really had it out about what our work flow process together should be and where the cut was and it was really hard on me. I’m still emotionally not really over our last talk about it and so I’ve been avoiding the edit bay like the plague.

I once heard that whatever experience you really need to have to evolve as a person is the experience or lesson that life is giving you right now. And I kind of really believe that. So while I am trying to evolve my editor self, I’m really actually pushing my personal self, and I’m finding that I haven’t been really pushed in a while and that I’ve been too comfortable for too long.

Well, good or bad that is all really about to change. Zak told me a few nights ago that in order to be festival eligible for 2009 that we have to send in the final product by November 1st at the latest. That means final cut, final color, and final sound. Holy Sh#%! So I am now really hoping that this is what my horribly procrastinator self needs. If I don’t meet this deadline it drags it out until fall of 2009 when we could begin submitting to the big festivals again, and that quite frankly would suck.

So I finally got myself back in the bay today, and some really good things happened. I just sat back in my chair and hit play. When something not right in the cut jumped out at me, I forced myself to just sit there and watch the story as a viewer. From scene one to over an hour later where I had left off. That was something I had not really done yet, but something I really needed to do.

I originally said at the beginning of this journal that my goal was to work all of the scenes individually for the first pass, and then on the second pass I would focus on how they all fit together as a whole (which I think was a good idea to an extent). But after sitting and watching what I had of pass one today I think that was enough to give me the perspective and insight that I need to not only move forward on the cut, but hopefully move forward faster.

So here is my new list of revelations today in no particular order: don’t force things, keep the story real, keep the story human, simplify, just because a few great moments happened doesn’t mean they all belong in the story, and make sure the important info is clear.

In a week I leave for vacation for a week. When I get back there will be a few days I will spend with IFHY at festivals, Sabi will soon move, and at the beginning of September I will have another week off for family. That leaves me just a little over 2 months to finish this beast and Zak believes it to be possible. So if you have somehow read this entire entry (sorry I got long winded ) please send me all of your positive vibes. I am going to get this done, but more importantly I am going to get this done on time.

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