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Lucas Cheadle – White Knuckles A.D.

Lucas Cheadle is a first-class sabi a.d.

he came aboard white knuckles early in our casting process, and though he’s a natural born musician (bass) he is also an a.d. that creates the perfect vibrations on set – as he certainly did with White Knuckles.

it’s important in dramatic improvisation for the actors to have the support they need while working with the director, and vice-versa. Lucas was the glue that held the relationship together. Lucas ran the set in a manner that was conducive to creative dialogue both on camera between the actors, and off camera between the filmmakers.

He’s always ‘cool’ approach to everything reminds me of many of the qualities of the best A.D. in the business (in my opinion) David Webb. Lucas filled many more roles that simply A.D. and if you look closely, he also makes a brief appearance in the film.

Would love to hear others thoughts and memories about Lucas Cheadle A.D. extraordinaire.

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