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pre-shoots. day one.

This would be a good time to welcome Dusty Sorg to the production. He has been cast to play the character of Edwin. Dusty also happens to be en route to superstardom, making it a genuine pleasure to work with him early in his career. It’s exciting to work with an actor so nuanced and rich in character where my job is basically to guide and stay out of the way.

Early this morning myself, Marion Kerr and Dusty met at the location of our first “pre-shoot”. We have five of these pre-shoots scheduled between now and October to help streamline the main production schedule. With the ever-reliable Sam Krueger splitting duties between camera support and boom op, we knocked out scenes 84, 85 and 86 before noon.

The footage we shot today is simply beautiful — two fascinating people discovering something about themselves and the world they live in. I couldn’t be more pleased with the day’s results.

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