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some painful progress

Had a very productive day yesterday — may have solved a problem i was having with the screenplay, transitioning from the end of the second ‘chapter’ into the third. well, not so much with the transition, but understanding where the characters were emotionally at that point. feeling good about it.

Today, on the otherhand, I woke up with mild pain in my lower abdomen which grew into a severe pain that spread to my back and groin by the afternoon. Soon I felt dizzy and threw up in the toilet. at 6pm my girlfriend drove me to the Cedars-Sinai E.R. where I got immediate treatment ahead of the crowded waiting room. three bags of IV fluid and a “megadose” of morphine later, i was feeling much better. the CT scan confirmed it was kidney stones and not a ruptured apendix.

so i’m home now with a bottle of vicodin that doesn’t do shit compared to applied heat. this is the worst pain i’ve ever been in. it’s nearly brought me to tears twice today. wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

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