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Marion and the Brevis35

I’ve nearly finished the very detailed outline of Heart of Now. The structure is there. My intentions for each scene are nearly there. Before I began writing the screenplay, I wanted to meet with Marion Kerr who will be playing “Amber”. We met yesterday for lunch and had what i consider to be an important discussion about how she approaches a screenplay as an actor and what she finds useful for finding her way to her character. This is the first time I’ve written a script where i know who will be playing the character at the center of the story. The process of handing the characters over to the actors is beginning a little sooner than i thought, in a small way. It’s interesting. And exciting.

Also, Sabi Pictures, as of ten minutes ago, placed an order for Dennis Wood’s Brevis35 imaging adapter with the CineFuse 1 and CineFuse 3 ground glass elements. i’m expecting it to ship a month from now giving me plenty of time before October (official start of production) to shoot some pre-emptive pick-ups with Marion around Los Angeles. Also picked up a 50mm f/1.2 nikon lens. plan to buy more closer to production.

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