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I’m excited to announce the development of my feature film, [b]Heart of Now[/b]. This ‘official thread/production journal’ will be an account of the film’s development and production throughout 2007, and eventual premiere in 2008.

“Heart of Now” is simply an illustration of being in the present moment.

“Heart of Now” concerns a young woman with a profound longing for a sense of family. Devastated by her boyfriend’s sudden withdrawal from their relationship, Amber’s circumstance thrusts her back into the presence of the father-figure that abandoned her and her dying mother nearly a decade ago. Whisked across a contrast of urban, natural and emotional landscapes, Amber confronts the deeper issues at the very heart of her suffering, and finds transcendence in a brief moment at the very heart of now.

The intent is for this to document the making of the film from concept to completion and perhaps into the festival circuit and distribution. I have recently purchased a Canon HV20 HDV camcorder to document the whole endeavor. These will be “webisodes” on the writing, location scouting, rehearsals, auditions and of course production. To avoid a hefty bandwidth bill, I will post links to or

I’ve been cultivating this story for a long time. During the development of White Knuckles, we realized that we could incorporate the characters from this story into that one; to unify the world of these two films. From the beginning they were always conceived as “sister films”.

That being the case, I had the opportunity to cast the two leads months ago.

Marion Kerr as Amber

Kelly McCracken as Gabe

and here is a short excerpt from their callback audition for White Knuckles. their instructions were simple. individually, i told them: no dialogue. the sun is setting. you are on a bench. marion, your objective is to convince kelly to look at the sunset. kelly, your dad is sick, maybe dying. you’ve seen a million sunsets and they all look the same to you.

White Knuckles audition – Marion and Kelly

Airom Bleicher – Airom Bleicher is an accomplished artist and thoughtful musician. His layered compositions will be in the form of self-described “progressive electronic music, lush female vocals, swirling cello and an eclectic mix of layered intrumentation and musical styles”.

Deklun – In talking with Deklun, we found commonality in a word: melancholy, which I define as a pensive, thoughtful sadness. This shared tonality is where his music and this film will find each other.

Yebot – Yebot is an electronica artist and the first to be produced under the Sabi Music label. His score and debut album will be cross-promoted with the premiere of Heart of Now.

Zak Forsman – I’ll be writing the screenstory as well as producing and directing. I also hope to operate camera as often as possible (which might not be as often as i’d like).

Kevin K. Shah – Kevin, the writer/director of White Knuckles will be producing with me. He and I are equal partners in Sabi, LLC. Kevin’s balance of a sharp creative mind and solid business acumen will prove invaluable.

Jamie Cobb – Jamie is an editor seeking to expand into the world of features. it is not an exaggeration to say that I often trust her perception more than my own in handling the same footage.

Lucas Cheadle – Lucas is the greatest First AD ever. Ever!!!

The Krueger Bros – Sam and Kester are a force waiting to be unleashed. Their unbridled enthusiasm for collaborative filmmaking and a fostered sense of community on set is unmatched. I implore you to hire these guys for your next show. They can and will do anything and everything. I vouch 100%.

Zach Seivers – Zach is coming aboard under the all-encompassing title of Sound Designer. He will have his ears trained on all aspect of sound, from acquiistion to the final mix. A mad genius of sound and one of the most decent people I’ve met. Zach cites David Lynch’s philosophies on sound design as a primary influence.

okay… looking forward to providing further updates in the near future!

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